What is Russificate? Is it a new Russian school?

Russificate is a collection of innovative tools designed to provide students with a wide range of methods to learn Russian, wherever they are and whatever their level is. It includes: The Russian language blog Russificate (founded 2009) offering free Russian language activities on grammar, vocabulary, culture, as well as podcasts and videos. It was officially

How does the price system work?

Our price system is flexible and reasonable: the amount paid depends on the type of course chosen and the duration of the lessons. The courses are divided into two groups: non-specialized and specialized. Discounts are available for packages of classes and for loyal customers. The first lesson is considered to be trial and therefore it

What are the payment terms?

The payment can be realized by a transfer to our Paypal account. Other payment options are also possible and can be discussed. Your payments are 100% secure: we never see your bank account or credit card information.

Is it possible to create individual courses at the request of students?

Certainly yes! We strive to create individual courses on Russian history, culture, literature, geography, art, so we will be happy to prepare them for you. Any course can also be shortened or lengthened at the request of students. For example, if, within the framework of the Romanovs course, a student is interested in the biography

Are new technologies used?

Yes. Teachers use interactive exercises, infographics, mind maps, timelines and other services in their practice.

What kind of materials are used?

Teachers prepare their own course material on their topic. The Russian-language sources which are used have been revised and translated by the teacher. Documentaries and a large quantity of illustrative material are also included in each course.

What courses do you offer? How long do they last?

We offer a large number of courses, divided by topic. For example, the section of Russian history includes the courses “Ancient Rus”, “The Romanovs”, “Revolutionary Russia”, “History of the USSR”, etc. The section “Russian culture” includes courses “Excursion to cities of Russia”, “Excursion to museums of Russia”, “Famous Russians”, “Russian picture of the world”, “Russian

Who are your teachers?

All our teachers have a background in history, pedagogy, linguistics or philology. They are native speakers of the Russian language who are fluent in one or more foreign languages. All teachers have experience of working abroad, many work at universities and have PhDs.

What languages are the lessons in?

Our Russian culture lessons are offered in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German. All our teachers speak these languages fluently.

What are your online Russian culture lessons like?

Our lessons are not lectures. These are interactive lessons in different languages for students who do not speak Russian but are interested in Russia and Russian culture, literature, history, music, geography, etc. The lessons are structured so that students have the possibility to actively participate in discussions and perform various creative exercises and assignments.